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Yes yes yes!

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5x04: Meanwhile, Aria’s depression continues to spiral, and she looks for comfort from an unlikely source.

It’s not an unlikely source at all….of course she went to him…THEY WERE (ARE) IN LOVE. He took a bullet for her. Of course she goes to him.



in pll 4x24 when Aria says ‘Don’t you dare close your eyes!” image

That’s basically how it went!

"The episode [419] is connected to everything that’s going on." 4.19/4.24 parallel. Is Toby A?

Makes sense

#A for effort


I like Spencer and Alex better than her and Toby…there I said it!

Horrible PLL Theories That Better Never Happen


1. They all die at the end 

2. The whole thing is a dream 

3. We never actually figure out who A is 

4. A ends up being one of the Liars 

5. Ezra dies

Is it bad that I want either:
It all to have been Allison’s crazy dream where at the end of the series she is sitting at an insane asylum just playing with her dolls and imagined the whole thing!
Or Aria is ultimately A!

Ahhh the freaking love! #ezria #endgame

They are a wreck